Detective Docherty and the Vampire’s Mirror by Sarah WaterRaven: Book Review

Book cover of Detective Docherty and the vampire's mirror by Sarah WaterRaven
Detective Docherty and the Vampire’s Mirror by Sarah WaterRaven

Title: Detective Docherty and the Vampire’s Mirror.
Author: Sarah WaterRaven
Series: Detective Docherty Book 2
Pages: 188
Published: April 2015
My Rating: 5/5
Recommended to: Every fan of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Mystery. And also to anyone looking for an entertaining book with wonderful characters.


While I try my best to avoid giving away any spoilers, since this is the 2nd book of the series, there might be a few spoilers for the first book, if you haven’t read it. Read the spoiler-free review of Vampire Diaries and the Demon’s Tears here.

I do hope you read the complete review but if you’d rather read the verdict first, jump to the conclusion here.

Introduction and Plot Summary

Detective Docherty and The Vampire’s Mirror picks up some point after the first book concludes.

If you’ve read the preceding novel, you appreciate that despite the fact that humans are now conscious about the existence of otherkins among them, things have been rather calm and peaceful so far. All the magickal beings and humans have grown accustomed to living with each other in harmony in spite of their physical and otherwise differences.

However, matters are not looking too good this time. The book begins with a violent car accident and a gruesome murder of a mysterious nature. And while you can’t help being drawn in by that intrigue, you have an inkling that it’s also setting up a darker theme this time around.

No one knows what’s happening in the city since humans AND otherkins are going missing or turning up dead. Things become even more complicated when there’s a suspicion that goblins, under the orders of the new Goblin King, are involved. As if that weren’t messy enough, the Detective and his assistants are hired by Wizards and no one ever knows what Wizards are actually up to.

Oh, and remember the mirror from Esposito’s house that Ares acquires at the end of the first book? Yeah, the ancient-looking mirror with a jaguar carved on the top. So, Ares has been experimenting with it and things are… well… creepy.

What follows is a wildly entertaining tale of the trio of Detective, Ares, and Alex as they work to uncover the mystery behind the missing and/or dead humans and otherkins as the stakes keep getting higher.


I mentioned in the review of the first book that the characters were one of the finest things about the book. In this one, they’re even… finer!

Detective Docherty

Detective is as forgetful and as awesome as he’s ever been. I adore the Detective. He’s wise, kind and an incredible detective. Nothing of importance gets past Detective without him noticing it.


Ah… Ares sighs. Allow me a moment so I can finish fangir… er… fanboying over him. Ahem, okay. Ares. Ares is still magnificent. He is one of the best fictional characters I’ve ever run into. Ares comes across as calm, slightly arrogant, snobbish and cold. But he is not one without a heart. Ares doesn’t care about too many individuals, but I absolutely believe that the ones he’s close to are lucky to have him on their side. He is loyal, intelligent, strong and cares intensely about those few handful of people. Especially Detective and Alexandria. He is not without flaws but those make him even more realistic. He might be an undead vampire, but his heart certainly is very much alive. He is also the best vampire. Ever. Period


Alexandria is no longer a newcomer to the Team Docherty (again, they don’t call themselves that, although I kind of wish they would). Alex has established her place in Team Docherty as the “life” of the trio. She is kind, lively and strong. She’s the ray of sunshine that helps Docherty and Ares get through the darkness and horrors of the world. I’ll avoid giving anything away and add only that things are extra messy and personal for Alex this time.

We further meet a number of new characters this time, including Ares’ parents. The best part is that all the new and old characters are essential for the plot. It’s incredible how all the characters grow throughout the length of the book while still remaining faithful to their own personality.


The world of Detective Docherty is even more fantastic this time as we’re masterfully introduced to many new mystical creatures that weren’t there in the previous novel. The way the world works with humans and otherkins living together is wonderful. And while matters are not as harmonious as they were in Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tears, it is still every bit as fascinating. In fact, I’d argue that it’s even better this time.

Conclusion and Final Comments

I assume it’s pretty obvious that I LOVE The Detective Docherty Series by Sarah WaterRaven. I’m only two novels in but the author has been working hard at expanding the universe and I have many more things to look forward to, including the third book which I’ve already started reading. There are a bunch of things going on this second book and the stakes are higher than ever before. And you’re not wrong – things are indeed darker and more dangerous this time and the author handles everything with the same expertise she used in the previous book while introducing and drawing us right into the wonderful world of Post-Awakening Toronto. And I presume they’re only going to grow darker as we move forward.

The way characters are fleshed out with all their subtleties, personalities and complexities is insane and goes a long way to convince you that they are real. So, I laughed with them, worried about them, and cried with and for them.

After turning the last page, I had to stop to marvel at how complex and well put-together everything was and how masterfully the author handles everything. I love this second book even more than the first book of the series.

Things get nasty in real life too, but all you need in the end are people you can count on and care about. No matter how few they are.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

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